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I got to town early…too early! The wrong change in my pocket meant I had limited time, and I paid over the odds for that. Why don’t car park ticket machines give change?

Anyway, I got to Angel Hill just as things were beginning to wake up. Most teams had yet to arrive and the basic infrastructure was just about in place. The West Suffolk Wheelers were there and it was good to see familiar faces again, some of whom I have not seen for years. Always a friendly welcome, if you are looking for a club, you could do a lot worse than looking these guys up.

Some of the things going on included a six seater bike: as well as some scary looking static bikes that apparently analyse your power output, cadence, speed, what you ate for breakfast last Thursday etc etc. I avoided these like the plague; although they were available for use I knew that I’d give it all I had and would end up hot and sweaty.

As crowds began to swell, all the action took part at the One Bull end of town. Team busses arrived, the bikes were wheeled out and then the sign on began., teams were presented and the roll call of familiar names began…Mark Renshaw, Lars van Boom, Berni Eissel, Geraint Thomas, Mark Cavendish, Thor Hoshovd and even Ned Boulting

All too soon, the flag was dropped and the cavalcade was off on its route around Suffolk and Norfolk. The weather was fine if a bit breezy although promised rain later in the day might dampen things a bit. All in all, a great advert for cycling.


The penultimate leg of the race kicks off from Angel Hill tomorrow some time early….nine-ish or nine thirty I think. As it was such a good morning last year I plan to be there but… it is forecast to be hissing down with rain and that just isn’t fair! Do I go and get wet, standing around in the crowd or just go out riding myself and get wet that way?

I’ll have a couple of beers tonight and make my mind up in the morning.

Well it is here:

As anticipated, the contents were all fairly predictable but welcome nevertheless. The water will get drunk and the energy products will be given away sadly (dairy, oil and sugar intolerances pretty much rule both out for me) but they will find a good home. The DVD will be watched avidly. I just don’t get the old copy of the Torygraph. I guess I’ll have to read it to find out what the relevance is.

One thing, guys at TofB, well two actually. Thanks for the prize but you forgot to include the nice new bike, you know the one, it is that shiny new carbon dream machine with a full record groupset, sexy wheels etc. You have my address, I’ll  make sure I’m in to receive it when the courier calls! 🙂


Posted: May 3, 2011 in 2011, General

I have just won something for the first time ever! I entered a Tour of Britain competition and won a musette (I think). Today Tour of Britain, tomorrow Euro Millions! errrr, how do you enter Euro millions? Can I just answer a question or something or is it simply another Euro idiot tax?

Anyway, as I am so chuffed to bits I’ll take a photo of the prize when it arrives and tell the world what is in it! (PS tob guys, a new Pinarello would be very nice 🙂 )