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Take a peek at this and then maybe take a peek at this

Is this the Government listening to the people or is it simply them letting us think we have won whereas they are simply slipping legislation etc in the back door?

Trust these fiends as far as you can single handedly throw a double decker bus.

We have not won the fight, we have simply finished an initial skirmish.

In case you think cyclists are represented in the decision making (and that goes for anyone who isn’t a ‘rambler’) think again. We are going to get stitched up and there is nothing much we can do about it unless we continue to make a stand.


TIMBER AGM and why you need to go

Posted: February 25, 2011 in 2011, TIMBER

Put the 24th March, 7.30pm at Santon Downham Classroom in your diary. If you are interested in cycling in Thetford Forest you need to be there. (Go to the Timber website for directions)

As it says in the text, Timber is the voice of MTB in Thetford Forest and has an extremely good working relationship with the Forestry Commission. Timber are the only guys out there working on your behalf. Every other (MTB related) interest is commercially motivated and this tends to influence what they do. Timber is a purely voluntary group made up of mountain bikers, working for mountain bikers. Every penny raised goes towards the upkeep of the trails. Members give up their time, their effort and money to work on your behalf.

Find out what they are up to by going to the meeting or join up online if you can’t make it. It is only the cost of an inner tube (a fiver a year). If you ride at Thetford Forest help yourself by helping them!


Timber is the volunteer group looking after the trails at Thetford, and the voice of MTB with the Forestry Commission.

The Government’s sell-off proposals have not gone away despite what the press want us to believe.

Plans to cut FC funding by 30% are still going ahead. The sale of 15% of the public forest estate has NOT been stopped but has simply been deferred. The larger scale sell off has not gone away either; consultation has simply been moved “in house” to a government appointed commission as opposed to a public consultation. There is no cycling representation on this committee.

So what’s this to do with you? Well the answer is simple; we need to project a united front, and the best way to do that is to join an advocacy outfit like TIMBER. The effect of representing the views of 1000 cyclists is significantly greater than that of a lone cyclist or 100 cyclists and we need your help.

We are holding our AGM on Thursday 24/3/2011 at 7:30pm in the Forestry Commission Classroom at Santon Downham. To get involved, or to hear more come and join us. If you can’t get there but would like to make a difference, join up today where you see our banners, or via our website. £5 is all it costs and you can be sure that will go towards support of MTB provision for all and nowhere else.