About this blog

Cycling in Suffolk and Norfolk is a unique experience. Unlike some of our friends up North, to the South and even West of us, we are not blessed with hills, living in a pancake flat area of the country. There are no ups nor downs and riding is totally dull. Well, in all the years I have been living here I have never really agreed with that interpretation. Our gradients are more gentle on the whole, they are often interspersed with short, steep climbs which have you out of the saddle and out of breath in no time. The reward for your short effort though can often be sublime. The advantage of finding a high point in an otherwise flat(ish) county, is that the views can be astoundingly beautiful. The climb from Stradishall towards Clare is a perfect example.

Off road, you really have to go to Brandon for Thetford Forest. Not the most challenging of forests, there are no climbs to speak of and the bomb holes have been largely eroded away by overuse but what it lacks in gradient it makes up for in single track. If you want to take the safe option the way marked trails (from High Lodge) are a good introduction. The names are going to be changed to get away from the normal Black, Red, Blue system. There are no black routes in Thetford, the red route isn’t red either, not by Northern or Scottish standards anyway! Go off the waymarked trails (find a local rider to lead you) and you will find what remains of the cracking trails the forest was once noted for.

I have been riding here for years, more off road than on of late but I am being tempted back onto the tarmac and am beginning to rediscover some of the marvellous riding I used to enjoy so much. In this blog I want to publish my experiences as a rider in Suffolk, bits and bobs about kit, post some trail guides and maybe photos and film clips too.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy riding!


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