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Paramo Base Layer

Posted: January 1, 2011 in 2011, Product Reviews
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I have had this for getting on a year now and I think I have had it long enough for this to qualify as a long term product test.

The garment is very light, with almost a silky texture. It is a little irritating because it seems to snag on any cuts or dry skin on your hands but I can live with it.

The shirt is not cycling specific and is cut more like a normal T shirt than a cycling top i.e. there is no drop down “tail” to cover your back when on the bike. Best used then with bib shorts!

I bought this as a warm base layer but to be honest I am not really sure how well it scores here because I never really notice it. Is that a good thing? Probably! I have started to use windproof tops more now so windchill is minimised. So what does this T shirt actually do? The best thing I can say for it is that after a long hard and sweaty ride, although it smells like a rancid kipper, and is as wet as a very wet thing, I am totally dry. From what I am told, this is a major factor in keeping warm… i.e. if you stay dry, you get cold more slowly. In this respect it is fantastic.

Colour options are a bit dull, the cut is loose and you wouldn’t want to be seen walking down the street wearing it as a top layer but, as a super lightweight, technical garment I really rate it.

Would I buy another one? Well they are a bit expensive but to be honest, it performs the basic functions so well, the answer is yes… it is better than many so called cycling base layers that it is on my list for the next time I want a long sleeved base layer.

I think you can usually get them at outdoor/mountaineering/walking shops.