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A section of single track familiar to everyone who rode WS3. This is further footage of my camera mount test. I have edited this quite heavily to fit into the space available (500MB). I think it shows off some nice trails and some decent riding from my mates, especially as they dropped me quite comprehensively!

There is more to come from this ride but it might have to be back to YouTube and their horrible compression if I am to get it all on before it is time to start filming again!


Just a short clip from rougher terrain and slightly downhill from the top of Santon Downham to the car park. A bit more of a test for the new mount. Don’t forget you can watch it in 720p!

I have about 2 hours of raw footage to edit, export etc and it will take me quite a while so I thought I’d post up a clip of Tightrope for you to have a look at. Resolution is 720p but YouTube does not do it justice. I will put the final file(s) on Vimeo. The film was shot with the Contour 1080p using a prototype handlebar mount a mate built up for me. As you can see it is steady as a rock particularly when you consider the test rig was my rigid Swift. We rode over rougher terrain too and it showed no sign of camera wobble there either.