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What a splendid looking bike, though I guess this is an example of a small size.

For some reason, once again, none of the links to IMG or even direct to the picture itself are working. Grrrr

This is where you can find it… so cut and paste.

For the pedants out there, I’m sure the spacers on top of the stem will be removed when the final bar height has been decided upon so until then, just ignore that and feast your eyes on a lovely looking machine. Now if it was a Ti 29er…….. 😉


I must say, Kinesis are making some really nice kit nowadays. From the blurb, this could be your tool of choice for long distance rides and fat tyres. It would be nice to see one of these in the flesh and then put some serious miles in. As I can’t fit/afford any new additions to my collection right now it will have to remain one of those items in my virtual ‘wish list’.

Maybe I’m just itching for a change but road bikes are becoming increasingly attractive and the siren song of unending tarmac is getting more insistent, not as a replacement for mountain bikes but as a complement.