Posted: November 8, 2011 in 2011, General

….is eluding me at the moment. I go to bed tired and read until the words are dancing around the page. Glasses off, lights off….time to wake up! Seriously, last night I did not drop off until gone 5.00am. Lying in bed I was just getting crosser and crosser so I got up at 1.00am and went downstairs to make a bed on the floor in the living room. I managed to relax slightly when the dishwasher cycle started so that kept me up. When that finished I was beginning to drift once more when my mobile phone and Sam’s mobile phone (both of which were in the kitchen) starting peeping as nocturnal emails started pouring in. In the end I gave up and played Battlefield 3 until 5.00am when I crawled back upstairs and into bed.

Exercise isn’t helping, a long ride on Sunday plus an afternoon of furniture moving didn’t help on Sunday night and a hard mile swimming last night wasn’t much cop either. Hopefully I’ll get about 30 miles in tonight so I’ll have to be tired out some time!


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