Sunday Ride

Posted: November 7, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Billed as a big ride i.e. plenty of saddle time, I arranged to meet up with Rich, RM (Duracell Bunny) and DT. I have a feeling there was either a communication breakdown or orders from SWMBO as DT didn’t show. Conditions were ideal, trails were damp but grippy and rolling fast. Heading out, our aim was to make Santon Downham in a couple of hours and turn back. We were, I am afraid, too optimistic and the furthest point on the outward leg was High Lodge. There is little to report except that RM was on good form, maintaining a good pace and putting us old folk under a little bit of pressure. Having yet to see his 48th birthday, there is no stopping the young whippersnapper!

On the homeward run we popped over to see the racers and saw our friend Chris the Beardy Weirdy kicking butt on his SS 29er. Nipping in and out of the tape we made our way home. I owned the ‘Orange Hill’ sprint. Rich wasn’t playing and RM didn’t know that it was a sprint point, nor did he know where it finished. I sucked his rear wheel until 50 yards out and went for it, holding him off until the (movable) finish. Victory is sweet particularly when you have someone at a disadvantage! 🙂

Maybe 10 miles out I started to get a strange sensation in the tendon behind my knee, it felt like low level cramp and it did inhibit my riding so I just engaged spin mode. I was on the pace until just before Lackford Lane when it all became a bit too uncomfortable but I held on until just before the tarmac section when it just hurt too much. I was only about 10 seconds behind the two Richards at the end so it wasn’t too bad a result.

Not sure what I have done to my leg but it’s nothing a little rest won’t sort! According to the GPS it was just shy of 56 miles so not a bad spin.


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