A couple of wimps????

Posted: November 4, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Headed out for a ride last night, right sort of clothing albeit with a lightweight waterproof (ish) race cape. Hooked up with Rich at the bottom of Mere Lane and the rain that had been intermittent…off….showery….off showery, turned really heavy. Rich informed me he was capitulating and offered me a lift home. As the rain was getting increasingly unpleasant (I couldn’t see out of my glasses there was so much water about) I accepted his offer and, once deposited at my front door, discovered the rain had stopped. It was too late and I packed my kit away.

Something we discussed was the difference that the dark makes. We normally ride to places that are out of the way (not properly remote) and there is no frequent foot/bike/horse traffic. We are quite happy to go on solo rides in the summer, quite late into the evening; somehow the light makes it seem less of a problem. Once the winter and dark comes along though, we tend not to ride alone. This really is illogical…or is it? I’d love to hear what other people feel about this.

To go back to the title then, were we a couple of wimps? Probably, but dry and warm wimps nevertheless!

  1. Peter Harper says:

    I worry about what I’d do if I had a serious mechanical in the dark. A simple puncture could be difficult in the pitch black. If it’s wet as well it would be even worse. And of course there’s the cold when it’s wet. So it was probably a wise decision and I’d probably have wimped out as well. Why do something which you aren’t going to enjoy at all?

  2. ady seeley says:

    Hi John
    I enjoy riding at night and to be honest there is a risk that things can go pear shaped very quickly ,but i allways ensure someone knows the intended route and i carry first aid kit and survival stuff .
    If you think about how many summer rides you do and how often things go wrong ,which is not often,why should the dark make a difference and with modern lights it makes it more enjoyable i prefer the silence of riding alone anyway be it night or day .
    But its not everyones cup of tea and would suggest if people are not happy doing it then give it a miss as you would not enjoy the ride and just be thinking what if thisor that happens.

  3. Its the 5 P’s isn’t it? Do the sensible stuff and theres no problem.

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