Tuesday Night ride

Posted: November 2, 2011 in 2011, General

Rich and I took a new route last night, including some ‘cheeky trails’ so no map to avoid incriminating ourselves! A shorter ride last night, just under 26 miles in all but at a brisk pace and with plenty of climbing. The 29er really seems to be in a class apart from 26 inch wheeled bikes, while I was spinning along in an easy gear, Rich was having to work hard to stay in touch and once or twice, particularly after climbs, I was far enough ahead that I had to stop and wait. I know I am getting fitter and leaner (I haven’t been this weight since I was 14 or 15) but whereas this sort of ride used to see me at an average HR of 145+, last night was about 128bpm.

Apart from upping miles and effort levels, I think my new found ability is down to swimming. I seem to work much, much harder in the pool and breathing becomes far more of an issue. At the end of every length it seems as if I have just finished a sprint (on the bike) so I have started turning the swim session into intervals, almost max effort for one length then a length to recover and repeat. If nothing else, the endorphin rush at the end is fantastic! 🙂


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