Sunday Ride

Posted: October 31, 2011 in 2011, Rides

First of all a quick mea culpa for neither hearing nor seeing Berm Bandit at High Lodge. Deaf and blind is my excuse! Anyway, homage has been paid to the Grand Wazoo and he has given me penance… though I can’t tell you what it is!

Met Rich and (young) Dan at BCP. Dan showed up with his new uber bike, a carbon Look with an awesome spec and to die for finishing kit. I wasn’t sure about the skinny tyres (2.1s that looked more like 1.95s or smaller) but otherwise very much a full on race machine. It promised to go fast but it looked as stiff as…well, without lapsing into the vernacular, a very stiff thing indeed. By the amount of stretching going on towards the end of the ride it was as stiff as it looked.

We rode favourite sections on the HL and BCP sides. The harvesting of BCP seems imminent and I guess we will lose swathes of single track in the very near future. This is a real blow but one has to accept that it is a commercial forest and harvesting is one of those things.

I normally start off quickly but was left in Dan’s wake as he explored the ballistic capabilities of his new speed machine. All I can say is ‘it is very fast’ and early on, Dan overcooked one or two bends as his speed entering bends was far higher than normal. Rich simply kept pace, popping onto the front now and then, conserving energy and riding within himself until we got to the grey hill. I would like to say that I not only made up a lot of lost ground at the start of the climb but overhauled Rich and dropped him on the way up. Yes, I am making the most of it while I can, sort of making up for the fact that when he was leading, Rich chose every bit of trail that would be tough on those with bigger wheels…i.e. me!

We rode for just under 27 miles, averaging 12.5s which was a reasonable pace.

It is strange riding practically in November, with shorts and a shirt as opposed to leg warmers, base layers, jackets etc. It can’t last much longer….can it?


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