Posted: October 24, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Yes, that’s me….. mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa By writing about ‘river root’ I encouraged it to emerge from its slumber and claim its’ first victim…and it wasn’t me! I hooked up with DT and Rich yesterday (Rich M bottled it!) for a long off road ride. A few mentions of ‘river root’ on the way down, a few laughs and that was it. Rich then suggested we go down by the river and show DT what a wuss I am, and how I have been making a fuss about nothing. We headed down, conditions were perfect so the potential for root based malevolence was low. Approaching the ‘danger area’ in high spirits DT was caught. Sensing a newcomer, ‘river root’ pounced and DT went flying over the handlebars to land in a very undignified lump on the floor. Note for future reference….landing on your pump can be painful! DT attested to this and his groans encouraged me to make a mental note to avoid it in future! Luckily, there was no major damage to rider and the bike escaped unscathed too and we were soon on our way. This will either have had the effect of exorcising the root, lancing the pus filled boil of hate, harboured within its woody heart or,having bitten once, it may have developed a taste for cyclist’s blood and emerge stronger, more evil and a bigger threat than ever.

Handlebar jumping aside, we had a decent ride along small, lumpy, sandy, rooty bridleways up to Thetford Forest where we spent a while on selected singletrack as well as bits of the black and red routes. I think we were working quite hard but the average time was in the 13s which seems a bit slow. A total of 42 miles in all, this was a reasonable reintroduction to riding after a rest week.

The weather was unseasonably good, warm sun (which saw us stripping off gilets, leg warmers etc within the first three or four miles) with a brisk wind. The trails were dusty and dry, so much so I had to let air out of my tyres to get grip levels back up. The weather forecasters keep promising rain and the medium term forecast predicts serious cold before Christmas. Quite honestly, I’d be happy if they were wrong and it stayed this good right up until spring! Still, the clocks go back this week I think….. boo!


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