Time to break out the warm stuff?

Posted: October 19, 2011 in 2011, General

It is sunny but the wind is cold and the temperature is definitely on a downward spiral. I have had to resort to knee warmers, long fingered gloves and even a base layer recently. Will tonight be the when the winter kit starts to make a tentative reappearance? It certainly isn’t so cold that we’ll be covered with hoar frost (as we used to on night rides a few years back) but you know, after the warm spell and a day sitting in a nicely warmed up office (several iMacs acting as impromptu radiators) even a slight change in ambient temperature is going to make me shiver. It doesn’t help that we are joining Greece in an austerity drive and will not be turning the heating in until after half term. I’d like to blame this decision on ‘Boy George’ but sadly, it is something we try to stick to every year. If nothing else, it helps you appreciate the heating when it does come on! Oh well, off to the cupboard to try and find those thicker shirts!


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