Running tubeless?

Posted: October 18, 2011 in 2011, General

I made the conversion to tubeless a few months ago and got a real buzz from the perception of invulnerability it gave me. Thorns…pah, glass, a mere annoyance, flint…. I laugh at you and your little sharp bits (all to be said in a cod French accent!). A few weeks after I made the switch I did get a flat but the hole eventually sealed and I managed to get home without too much trouble. Despite having white goo fizzing out all over the trail I omitted to replace the lost fluid, such is my confidence in the product. (I have since topped it up!)

I thought nothing more about it and carried on riding oblivious to the risks; the goo would seal up any holes right? I didn’t get quite so flippant as to not carry a pump but spare tubes….nah, why bother? Well, in the last month or so there have been two occasions when other tubeless aficionados have come a cropper. Kurt flatted on the Tour of the Cornfields and as the goo had dried up he was in trouble (especially as his spare tube had a hole in it). More recently, young Dan flatted with the same problem (no goo) and had to fit a tube to get him back to base. Could this have been avoided maybe?

Running tubeless is not fool proof and you will get the occasional flat. The other week I got a massive blow out and sat there almost impotent, as the contents of my tyre spewed out on the trail. A bit of quick thinking (not mine I hasten to add) and the day was saved. I had a spare tube with me but since then have been carrying something arguably better.

Stan’s goo either comes in a large workshop sized bottle or a one tyre sized container. It is only small, not much bigger than a CO2 cartridge and it is certainly no heavier. Just a thought for you all, if you can’t remember to check your tyres every few months for sealant levels, carry a one shot bottle in your pocket/camelbak. If the goo shoots out on the trail but more or less seals, topping it up with new stuff should ensure you get home ok, but more importantly, you should be able to finish your ride without worrying about it going down again.


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