Sunday’s non ride and rest… how much do you need?

Posted: October 17, 2011 in 2011, General

It seems I have been pushing it a bit hard of late, what with swimming and a decent hike in the number of miles I’m putting in each week. The long ride with DT this Saturday sort of tipped me over the edge. Sore legs I can cope with, falling asleep a lot I can’t. On Saturday evening I was ready to hit the sack at a little after 9. I clung on for a little while then headed upstairs, fell asleep almost immediately and was out for the best part of 12 hours.

Sunday morning was perfect for riding but my legs were still a bit tired and I had orders to take it easy. Anxious to do something, and not just loaf about all day I cut the grass, emptied and tidied the shed then embarked on a massive garden clearance project until I got bored at about 4.30. Tired, but in a different way, I let myself wind down over the next few hours until bed.

The question then, is if you need to rest, how do you spot you need it before your overload, how much do you need and when do you pick up from where you left off? The plan is to hit the trails again tomorrow evening, is that too soon or is 48 hours enough? Guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

While I’m here…. well done to Clemo who got a good result in the Mildenhall CC hill climb! Results are on their web site somewhere.

  1. clemo says:

    Thanks for the congratz. Of course the real test is to get a better time next year.
    With regards to recovery, look-up supercompensation. Also many periodisation implementations tend to have rest days & rest weeks.
    A lot of it is based on ‘feel’ and having the will power to rest. Good luck 🙂

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