Saturday Ride

Posted: October 15, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Long Ride by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.

I had promised DT a long ride today, between 60 and 65 miles so I hoped it was going to be a good day. I crawled out of bed at 6.30 and peered into the inky blackness…hmmm. A pink glow in the sky indicated that dawn was on the way so I headed downstairs for the morning jobs and then breakfast.

I needn’t have worried about the weather, it was fine both metaphorically and literally. A clear sky, light winds and apart from it being a bit chilly, it had the makings of a perfect morning. Dan arrived at 8 and we rolled out at about 8.15 or so.

The first half of the ride was tough going, my legs just would not wake up, nor would they generate much power. Conversation soon drifted onto bike setup and it was pointed out that my saddle was a bit too  low. I was ready to accept this to an extent, as I had just put it down the other day to see what it felt like, whether it would be more efficient or not. The answer was a resounding ‘not’. I put it up slightly higher than it had been before and noticed an immediate improvement, notably, less strain on my lower back and less effort needed to be generated from the major muscle groups in my legs. Result!

The ride was a circuit taking in several of the medieval Suffolk ‘Wool Towns’, the like of which I don’t think they have in the States. Anyway, it being early, they were not busy and the London crowd with their Chelsea tractors were not in evidence. The roads were lumpy, with constant undulations taking their toll on my legs.  Still, we were spinning along at a decent pace (16.7 average I think) and took in villages, back roads and massive climbs to the (almost) highest spot in the county. At the top we had to change our oxygen tanks as the altitude was killing us!

This ride was one of firsts for Dan… the first time he had negotiated a roundabout on a bike, and the first  time he had dealt with a double mini too!

A brief stop in Bildeston saw us checking out Lifecycle UK where we ogled the fantastic array of top end machines they have in store. Gorgeous stuff but way out of my league!

As we neared the end, Dan informed me that his legs had just woken up which was great news (yeah, right!) but we were too near home for him to be able to kill me!

The perfect weather stayed with us to the end and we wound up the ride at a smidge over 62 miles. I was running out of drink at the end but with a refill I could have done another loop! OK, maybe not but it was a good introduction to Suffolk outwith the confines of the US bases. Next time we’ll have to build in a tea and cake stop somewhere.

Tune of the ride from Frank.



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