High5 Zero – Review

Posted: October 13, 2011 in 2011, Product Reviews
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High5 Zero is an electrolyte drink. I usually prefer to avoid this sort of thing as I find they (ironically) give me cramps or tend to explode out of my mouth at random (TMI I think!). Neither result is what you might call desirable so I stick to water.

I received a sample of High5 Zero with some forks I bought from CRC and decided they were worth a try. None of the ingredients appeared to be too toxic so I bit the bullet.

The ‘drink’ comes in the form of tablets, rather like Alka Seltzer. You simply fill your bidon with water and drop in one tablet (or two if you like your electrolyte strong) The first time I did this I had a bit of fun. Bottle filled, tablet plonked in, top screwed on and off I went to complete my pre ride faff. Ten minutes later I came back and decided to check out the taste (so I didn’t spend the whole ride wishing I had something else to drink) only to have a fountain if fizzy drink explode in my face! I haven’t made this mistake again as I leave the valve undone!

I have tried three flavours, citrus, berry and cherry & orange. Thus far I prefer the citrus but to be honest there isn’t much in it.

In the mouth the sensation is of a very mildly effervescent drink. The flavouring is quite subtle (I prefer my mix to be weak) and not at all sweet. There is none of that cloying sweetness so common with many electrolytes, nor is there any of the vaguely chemical aftertaste. The best way to describe it is refreshing, bordering on the slightly astringent. Your mouth feels quite clean afterwards… it is hard to put your finger on the sensation but it is not unpleasant. I’d give the tablets 9/10. I would be as happy drinking this on a long, hard ride as a quick 2 hour blast round the woods. I always carry a second bottle of plain old water as I always reckon too much of a good thing can make it boring! There again, I am a bit strange that way. 🙂

The adverts claim you will burn 41% more fat if you use this drink. OK, at about 1 calorie a helping it doesn’t carry much nutritional value so if you compare it with a carb rich drink then I’ll go along with it. Will I burn more fat than if I just drink water? Who knows? To burn fat, first of all you have to do the work so don’t go thinking you can drink it and see the pounds fall off. I will say however, that I haven’t cramped while using it (but there again I don’t cramp when I drink water). More importantly, I seem able to drink more on a ride without feeling it is sloshing around in my stomach like a half full barrel. I seem to be better hydrated at the end of a ride than when I drink water or a carb rich concoction and no longer have to spend half a day drinking gallons of tea to get my hydration levels back to normal. This is the most noticeable improvement on other options, and in my opinion, it is a pretty important one.

At a few quid a tube (20 tablets) I think these are pretty good value. I have just bought two tubes and will be spending the next few weeks trying to decide which flavour I like best and then….maybe I’ll try the caffeine one!

An inoffensive, effective electrolyte drink that comes in eco friendly tablets and not horrible, polluting, plastic bottles. Give them a try, you may be pleasantly surprised.

  1. Peter Harper says:

    Good review. I’ve tried the caffeine version and they definitely perk you up a bit.

    • clemo says:

      I’ve tried these, courtesy of CRC freebies and I didn’t really feel the benefit. I guess my ride time wasn’t sufficiently long (< 2hr) to require electrolyte replenishment.

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