Round Bury at night

Posted: October 12, 2011 in 2011, Rides






Round Bury by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Was this going to be Armageddon? Eager to redress the balance of the last few rides, Rich suggested road bikes for the evening ride. I would have a crosser with slick tyres and he would have a road bike. I think he had forgotten that I had fitted road tyres, as he was dismayed when we met up and noticed I no longer had Kenda 8 Blocks. Still, it would be a fair battle, similar weapons and of course, the same route.

The first part of the ride was in twilight with the wind behind us, so we fairly rattled along into Bury and through some of the back streets to the first climb of the night, Mount Road. Not very high on the list of challenging ascents, I engaged a lower gear and span merrily up, cresting a fair way ahead of Rich.

As we began to leave the confines of Bury the light began to fail and we were rapidly plunged into darkness. Cue the first revelation of the evening, we needed bigger, brighter lights. More than adequate for high speed blasting in the forest, our lights failed to provide the illumination or pick out the detail that we would like to see on the road, especially on the less well manicured parts i.e. back roads full of pot holes. The second revelation was that the combination of inadequate fire power and a well forward position on the bike sapped us of our confidence, particularly on descents where I am afraid to say we wimped out, dragging brakes on anything where we picked up a decent speed.

Anyway, following a familiar path around the Bury perimeter I was giving Rich a hard time, particularly on the climbs. Time on the 29er, riding a 1×9 combo has really changed my pedalling style. I have not only learned how to spin, but how to spin and go fast at the same time. Comparing pedal strokes, I was pedalling at a far higher rate than Rich, and therefore staying much fresher, but still going the same pace (on the flat). On the hills, I just pulled away. A part of this has to be thanks to the swimming and the extra miles I am putting in – I can spin a bigger gear (than previously) and still feel relaxed.

A bit of a result then, as Rich conceded the evening’s honours to me. A great ride, a good workout (my legs are very tired this morning) and I am ready for my rest day today. Thursday may have to be a rest day too but I don’t think my legs will loose too much! 🙂




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