Weekend Riding

Posted: October 9, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Saturday was going to be DT’s first foray around the Bury loop. I had promised a 45 mile or so ride and I was glad to see the weather was being kind. It was dry, cool and not too windy – perfect. First of all though there was the question of finding where I lived, not so easy on a gps with no UK maps loaded! A quick call and Dan was here and ready to ride in a short time. The good thing about riding from home is that you can act all gracious while people try to excuse their faffing time! While DT thought he was being slow, he hasn’t ridden with some of the guys I have and in comparison he was a bit like Usain Bolt!

Heading out down the bridleway at the back of my house, we dropped down into the park surrounding Ickworth Park. Riding through the ‘summer cycle trail’ we had a good view of the main house sitting resplendent amoung its’ formal gardens. The riding here is easy taking you through wide woodland trails which are currently rock hard under a carpet of dead leaves. We fairly rattled along and all too soon the front gate beckoned and we hit the roads around Horringer. Whepstead and then Pinford end provided some climbing which isn’t steep but just drags on. A little more roadwork saw us making our way to Great Barton and then off towards Gt Livermere then Ingham and eventually Culford.

Eschewing hard top for mud we faced a long, bumpy but gentle climb along the outskirts of King’s Forest and then into the tree cover. A brief stop for food saw Dan confide that when he stops talking, he is tired. He was chatting away for a while as we made our way along the trails then silence fell. A little prompting and he perked up and then we had one of his highlights of the ride. A couple were riding (horses) towards us, one of whom was in traditional riding gear…sports jacket, tie, breeches, riding boots etc. A rare sight in the Kings Forest but one that convinced Dan that ther English Gentleman is alive and well in Suffolk!

The trail down to West Stow is more or less the end game of this ride but I did have one last surprise in store…Lackford Lane! A steady and bumpy climb, usually tackled at the end of a long ride, this saw Dan suffer a little but he recovered quickly enough. For the recod Dan, the best time from start to finish is 5 minutes 30 seconds – on a mountain bike.

At the end of the ride we agreed it had been a good one. Thoroughly enjoyable, it is always nice to take someone round a favourite ride, especially if they have the legs to last and stay with the pace.


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