Thursday evening ride

Posted: October 7, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Rich and I sallied forth once again, Dan had to cancel at the last minute. Last night was windy, very windy so much so that it influenced the route choice and ultimately resulted in a slightly shorter ride than I was ready for.

For this outing I chose the Swift. Does this bike feel fast? The slightest twitch on the pedals translated into forward motion. Handling was just so direct after the somewhat vague steering of the Niner and to be honest, I really did not miss the suspension up front. Anyway, I digress. It soon became apparent that Rich’s legs had decided to stay home in front of the X Box. He was trying hard but just couldn’t hang on which meant lots of rests for me and a psychological win though I know that next ride out, roles could be reversed.

At one stage, entering the forest near West Stow village, we passed three guys in the car park (who we see frequently) preparing to ride. They generally tend to loop round the other way to us (whichever way round we ride) and so it was to be tonight. Throwing a brief ‘hello’ over our shoulders as we passed, we speculated as to when we would see them. A long way round our loop I saw them in the distance, heading our way. I looked up again and they were probably 250 yards away when a second or so later I nearly hit one of them as he loomed out of the night. Completely amazed by this, I asked Rich wtf had been going on and we had to assume the only reason had to be that they were using really weak lights. We had assumed the lights were small and relatively dim simply because they were a long way away whereas reality was we were on a collision course and closing fast with impact imminent because their lights were so much less powerful than we are used to.

The other feature of the ride, to go with the wind, was sand and dust. The air was thick with it. Had it been warmer, I’m sure I could have persuaded someone that this was a far more effective means of exfoliation than paying n.GBP x 10 on special creams and treatments! By the time I got home it was like being sandblasted with grit. The joys of autumn eh!

Anyway, we rode for just under 28 miles at 14.8 average. Oh yes, and as it does not happen that often…I BEAT RICH UP LACKFORD LANE! 🙂

Tune of the ride:


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