Thursday Evening Ride

Posted: September 30, 2011 in 2011, Rides

As anticipated, the weather was fantastic, the trails bone dry and the nettles had lost most of their bite. The sunset was out of this world and on the road sections there was little traffic. Heaven on earth!

I hooked up with Rich somewhere along Mere Lane and we made a bee line for King’s Forest via Cavenham. We were both using this as a prolonged warm up and maybe to gauge who was going to be the one to suffer tonight. The answer came as we climbed past Bury Pistol Club. Having taken a lot of time to sort my saddle height out and then liberally smear the seat tube and seat post with this carbon paste goo, it gave me back my climbing legs. I’d call this little slope a power climb, not silly steep nor over long but not easy to ride fast.

The great thing about some of the loops we ride is that while you cover the same ground, there is massive potential for variation and we seldom cover the same trails twice. So it was tonight and, devoid of all human life, the trails were a treat: fast, grippy yet occasionally loose on the corners to keep you on your toes.

The 29er capabilities of the Niner shone through again as it simply floated over any rough, stuttery ground, oozed up climbs and basically just seemed to go fast. New result was that I was dropping Rich quite a lot and spent some time waiting at the top of climbs or tough terrain (and he was on his Anthem!) We would often ride at the same speed over benign surfaces but as soon as it got tough he was left behind. And so it continued until we hit Lackford Lane where the game of chess commenced. We both know the climb really well and this includes areas of strength or weakness for the other rider. I hit the front on the lower part and left Rich in a cloud of dust; I kept up a decent tempo but held a little back in reserve knowing that Rich can kick at the end. Vaguely aware of his lights in the corner of my eye I clicked up a gear as I hit the final tarmac section and picked up speed only to see Rich come sailing past. I responded, for about two seconds, only to find the sprint tank was empty and I was sucking on fumes. As he coasted to victory I was left to reflect on what could have been! Melodrama over, we headed our separate ways.

Ride data: Average HR 137, average speed 14.8 mph for 1 hour 53 minutes.

Tune of the ride


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