Bicycle Propoganda

Posted: September 29, 2011 in 2011, General, Videos

An idealised and anodyne portrayal but it is a publicity film after all. The important parts for me were the correlation between traffic density and mortality (though they did not mention injuries not resulting in death) and the difference a cycle friendly infrastructure can make. I can forgive the film its’ shortcomings as the image it portrays is overwhelmingly positive for the cyclist however, the problem is that these films never show you how many people still ride in the wet, the cold, the ice and snow…. apart from that clip filmed in Sweden where person after person came a perler on an icy path (I must try and find it again). Criticism aside, if only we could have that sort of setup in the UK.

The best bit for me was when the girl bought her new bike and the bike shop seemingly provided her with an old wooden box to fit on the front. So thoughtful! 😉


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