Starting to plan for a new event…

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Events
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I am in the early stages of planning an event, hopefully, to be held in autumn 2012 as a lead into D2D, the CX season or similar. The idea is to run an off road sportive along the lines of (and complementing) the ones at West Drayton and the more local, Tour of the Cornfields. The base will probably be in Thetford Forest and the course will be set to run on fire roads, bridleways and roads out towards, and around, Bury.

Distance will be around the 100k mark although I’d like to plan a longer and shorter option if possible. I don’t want to use singletrack as that is not what this is going to be about. The course will be designed to appeal to CX riders and mountain bikers who are up to riding the distance. I wouldn’t foresee it being suitable for road bikes.

Using routes I know well, the ride will be challenging because much of the terrain is rough and uneven enough to simply grind you down. Oh yes, and there will be some climbing too, although nothing along the lines of Alpe D’Huez! This is Suffolk after all! 🙂

So, if all goes according to plan, I will be releasing news of progress as and when it happens. If this is of any interest to anyone, this would be a good place to register some form of interest.


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