D2D 2012 course and a bit more

Posted: September 23, 2011 in 2011, Rides

D2D course and a bit by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.

I rode the D2D course with the TMTB mob last night. I had planned to do the event but it seems that domestic arrangements are not conducive to my participation and I’ll have to pass. Still, it was an interesting ride with the start seeming to be delayed while a few of the TMTB lot had a smoke in the car park. Horrible habit…yuk, yuk,yuk.

I’ll refrain from commenting on the bike handling as that is another story.

The course is normal Thetford fare, lumpy, bumpy singletrack, fire roads and some sublime bits that just flow really well. It is a real mixture and although there are no challenging bits, it will come as a shock to visitors from afar who reside in more lumpy environments. There is nowhere to rest. The course is not dissimilar to last year, taking in many of the same bits although omitting the sections near FR7 – which is a blessing to those of us who live here and ride it all the time!

I don’t like riding in larger groups, they tend to split up and if you are on the front it is a drag waiting for the slower riders and if you are off the back then it is just purgatory. To give credit to the slower guys last night, they did suggest more than once that they split off but the leaders wanted to keep the ride together which was fine, it was their ride not mine. Fortunately, the evening was warm enough so I didn’t get cold while waiting!

So, an OK ride, a bit short by recent standards but I knew I had been out and about when I got home. Shall we say I slept well?

Edit: the gps track covers the d2d course on the HL side. The BCP bit was just a little add on, before we finished for the night.


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