Road Cycling – advent of the super teams

Posted: September 21, 2011 in 2011, General

I have been watching the tweets flying around concerning the amalgamation of various teams to aid the creation of ‘super teams’ a la ELP, Blind Faith etc (‘super’ bands from the 1970s if you re too young to recognise them). I wonder if they will all follow the same trajectory… a brilliant rise to the pinnacle of achievement followed by implosion or burning up on re-entry.

The Brothers Schleck seemed unable to decide what to do when push came to shove in this year’s TdF, what is it going to be like when a team only has one domestique and eight leaders? I predict catastrophe. I may even predict that I will enjoy watching it all go pear shaped. Of course, if it is all an unqualified success, I will be the first to tell you ‘I told you so!’


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