Sunday Ride

Posted: September 19, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Up bright and early I decided to put a ling ride in before going to my folk’s for Sunday lunch. An early return was a prerequisite of the days’ plans so when the alarm went at 10 to 7 I was up in a flash and downstairs eating breakfast by 5 to 7. Unfortunately, I remembered that England were due to play in the Rugby World Cup and I turned on the telly just in time to see kick off. I had planned to record the game but once it had started I was hooked, hooked by the ever present tension when any England team, from any sport, take on relative minnows. Thus it was against Georgia and instead of getting out there and enjoying a long ride in the last of the summer sun, I stayed in to watch a desultory performance by then national team. As oon as the game was over I rushed upstairs, got changed and then realised I had far less time than I anticipated. A rapid realignment of plans and I shot out of the door and onto my crosser which is still equipped with road tyres.

A heavy swimming session on Saturday had left my legs rather more tired than I had predicted so it was little ring, high cadence stuff for an hour and a half rather than bowling along in the big ring. The sky was blue, the sun was out but there was already an early autumnal nip to the air, a sure sign that the good days are behind us. Anyway, it was incredibly relaxing, totally enjoyable and left me refreshed rather than totally knackered – the normal Sunday scenario.

I averaged 17.5s for an hour and a half, with an average HR of 138.

Tune of the ride was a rather embarrassing:


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