Welcome to your new home! Sir9 Arrives

Posted: September 15, 2011 in 2011, General
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Happy as a classroom full of children on the last day of term, I rushed home from Revel Outdoors with my new bike. I have only had the briefest of brief spins on it but so far it feels pretty good – it still has that ‘new bike’ thing going on! It could be the most uncomfortable machine on the planet but right now it is the dog’s nads!

Total weight in stocking feet i.e. no pedals 25lbs 3oz. Not too bad for a chuffing big bike with big wheels etc.

Specifications are as follows:

Niner Sir9 Frame (Reynolds 853)
Niner own brand EBB
Diatech Headset
Reba RLT forks
Halo Skewers
DT240 Hubs
KCNC Razor Rotors
Double Butted Spokes
Stans Crest Rims
Racing Ralph 2.4 (front) and 2.25 (rear) – tubeless
Salsa Moto Pro Flat Bars
Salsa Moto Pro Stem
Tioga Stubby bar ends
Ritchey WCS Grips
XT Shifter
SLX Chainset (175mm) with MRP 34 tooth chainring
XTR Pedals
MRP Chain Device
Thomson Elite in line seat post
SDG Bel Air saddle
XT Shadow Rear Mech
SRAM chain (can’t remember which one)
SLX 9 Speed cassette
LX Brakes

The hubs are pretty old and were running a bit rough when I gave them to Mike. Several sets of new bearings, some grease and a lot of tlc and they are like new. Whereas hubs like those from Hope are loud and brash as you free wheel, these are very refined… like comparing a Rolls Royce or Bentley to a souped up Citroen Saxo.

Likewise, the forks are very smooth (as I would expect) but have yet to be bedded in. Apart from being very green, the whole package seems to go together very well but…and there is a but, the paint work is so soft and fragile, I reckon it will not be long before it needs a respray. For such an expensive frame, I would have expected rather more robust paint: the Swift is half the price and the paint is as tough as old boots and for a mountain bike, that is as it should be.

First ride tonight so we’ll see how it stacks up.

  1. Ross Burton says:

    Very nice!

  2. Peterh says:

    Yes, looks great. Colour makes it look really distinctive. Can’t beat the look of a good hard tail. Dead jealous 🙂

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