How much do I hate the wind…..?

Posted: September 13, 2011 in 2011, General

Let me count the ways!

Seriously, it makes riding a real chore. You can guarantee that if you spend hours slogging upwind then, come the turn, when you are expecting a helping hand back home, it never happens, the wind has gone all the way round in the time it takes you to perform a 180 degree turn, or is a cross wind which is almost as bad. The disappointment factor has a positive correlation with the strength of the wind which in turn is exponentially increased if it starts to rain! If the wind is strong, and you are riding off road, you don’t suffer as much from the full force of it, instead you face the constant fear of being hit on the bonce by falling branches.

I knew someone once, back in my days as a wannabe tester, who loved the wind. As soon as it started to blow, he would get the biggest (fixed) gear he could pedal and ride into the wind for at least an hour, the premise being that he would get stronger and therefore quicker. That may have been the case but to be honest, life is just too short for that sort of purgatory. It is bad enough having a fan on when you sit on a turbo trainer!

At least it doesn’t get windy when you are in a swimming pool! All you have to contend with then are adolescent prats taking up the whole pool as they move about in a quasi amoebic group, erratically travelling from one lane to the next, from the deep end to the shallow end ad nauseum. Yes, my swim was ruined last night and I almost resent that as much as the bloomin’ wind!


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