Sunday Ride

Posted: September 12, 2011 in 2011, Rides

I headed out from BCP with Richard E and Richard M for a blast around the dry side and HL. It is worth noting that the trails were in pretty much perfect condition but as Richard E had not been riding much this was going to be a more leisurely ride. We started off quietly and then the red mist descended and the overall speed picked up. I found myself testing the grip of my Racing Ralphs and did not find them wanting as I pushed round loose corners at obscene angles. Having become more used to the ways of the 29er, I no longer find it slow to get up to speed, slow to throw around trails or that it suffers from any of the pre or misconceptions that come with clown wheels. Anyway, a good tempo was maintained until we bumped into Richard (P) and Roger plus another chap who I did not recognise. A brief chat ensued and then we were on our way again combining singletrack and fire road to enhance the pleasure of being out on a perfect morning. All too soon though, the dry side was finished, we had ridden all the ‘best bits’ and HL side beckoned. Richard M had peeled off by now to go on his slower ride 🙂 and the remaining two of us pressed on, dispatching trail after trail with ease. The pace remained high but we had soon run out of forest. A well paced blast back to the start and it was all over. Just shy of 25 miles in 2 hours. Good fun, quite tiring but too short. We’ll have to build another loop in next time!

Tune of the ride


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