Exposure Lights – Flare (New Product).

Posted: September 12, 2011 in 2011, New Products, Product Reviews
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I have a problem, and it is one I have had for decades. Certain things fascinate me and I am unable to walk away once I have got my grubby little mitts on them. Waterproofs are one…God knows….don’t ask me why, and the other is or rather are….torches. Show me a bright torch and I have got to buy it.

Today I fell victim to my perennial weakness once again. Dropping my bike and a box of bits at Revel Outdoors this afternoon I casually mentioned my desire for a properly bright rear light and in a trice, this baby was flashed before my eyes:

The body is aluminium, 6 centimetres long with a lens at 2.5 centimetres it really is a midget light. Claimed run time on a CR123A is 9 hours on constant beam and 20-ish on flash. Output is rated at 75 lumens which should be plenty bright enough to be noticed day or night. (This is bright enough for you to be strung up from the nearest tree if you try using it while riding in the woods with your mates) There is a small clip on bracket and a red silicon band for attaching the whole thing to your seat post (from 25.0 to 34.9). Rechargeable batteries are an option.

Set up is a piece of cake. Unscrew the LED unit, plop the battery up, re-tighten the former and you are away. Flash mode seems as good, if not better, than constant. The light is turned on and off by partial rotation of the LED unit. It is very easy to do but I must confess to feeling that it might be too easy to unscrew it too much, particularly in the cold and wet.

Fitting the light to the clamp is fiddly and requires a little effort before it is snug. The clamp went flying across the room twice before I got it right! The unit seems secure enough though once slotted home but there were no reassuring ‘clicks’ when it got there. The silicon band is big and chunky so should be fine for cold and or gloved hands.

As the nights begin to draw in, this is the time for getting your lights sorted. Recent years have seen lights get smaller and brighter so if your light is a few years old now, take a look at these, you never know, they could save your life!

Long term test results when I have run it for a few months. At £39.95 this tiny, lightweight little baby looks just the business.

  1. mullet says:

    i have had this light for nearly a year now and is as bright as a bright thing
    when the batteries run down the light goes dim rather than suddenly nothing i have the rechargable batteries 2 of so i can carry a spare on long rides just in case

  2. slowjo61 says:

    I used this last night…or tried to anyway. I had two rear lights fitted and the Flare was so bright, Rich made me turn it off and use the older (less bright) one.

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