Time to get boring about wheels

Posted: September 10, 2011 in 2011, General

Until recently, there has only ever been one person I have trusted to build wheels for me and sadly, geography has been working against him. It is just too far to drive to Ely. I have always been incredibly fussy about wheels, being larger than average means that quality and strength has always been paramount. Now the transition to 29er is complete, it is even more important. Mike at Revel’s in Bury is ‘Da Man’ and is now my official wheel builder. He made my first set of 29er wheels and has just built up a second pair.

These wheels will go on my Niner when it is built. The rims are Stans ZTR Crest, the spokes are black, double butted and tied in to the wheel with black nipples. These are spinning on my old pair of DT240 hubs which have been revitalised with new bearings and a little tlc. They wil be run tubeless so the rim strip and valves are in place.

Weight, with the rim strip and valve, 825g and the rear 940g. The weight seems pretty respectable to me, the hubs are as smooth as butter and they promise to build up really nicely. Rotors will be KCNC Razor Rotors again and the rubber will be Racing Ralph, 2.4 on the front and 2.25 on the back.

No photos yet as my wife has borrowed my camera for the day.

  1. Ross says:

    Bring the bike and you could combine new wheels with a short ride around Ely’s flooded pits and then coffee and cake! 🙂

  2. Ross says:

    Yeah I know, but next time you can come back to Jerry. 🙂

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