Niner Sir9 Frame Arrives!

Posted: September 9, 2011 in 2011, General, New Products
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Barely able to contain my excitement, I managed to restrain myself as a parcel arrived at lunchtime:


There was no mistaking the frame sized box, nor the fact that it very clearly had ‘Niner” printed on the side and it was the package I have been waiting for.

I have taken delivery of enough frames over the years that I should be more relaxed about the whole thing but somehow it never works out that way. This time however, I decided to take my time, not do an impression of a kid on Christmas day ripping packaging off willy nilly but taking time to savour the moment.

And so began the process of revelation:
Lots of packaging, this baby was never going to get trashed by a lazy warehouse man. The tubes were individually covered, the stays supported (as normal) but there were also some serious chunks of cardboard construction that I was able to stand on and not crush!

A few minutes in and the frame was revealed, in all its’ greenness.

Believe it, it is very green, so green it almost jumps out of the box at you. Kermit Green reminds me of the Kamikaze Green of the old Santa Cruz bikes from many years ago. A little anxious after I ordered it, it has already grown on me.

Features include the EBB which is badged up as a Niner own brand. I have no reason to think it is anyone else’s so here it is.


The drop outs are quite interesting too with options to run it as a single speed or geared.

A bolt on gear hanger is included in a little zip lock bag along with a few hose clips. I was intrigued to also discover a little bottle of snot green liquid too and it took a minute or so to realise that it was actually a bottle of paint. Nice touch guys… how often have you had to compromise on paint colour when you have scratched your frame?

Finally, as if I needed any reminding an exhortation by the frame makers, in case I forgot what I was doing….


I will spend some time building this up over the weekend but I doubt it will get finished. Can’t wait to get it out on the trails though.

I will try to remember to do a build diary but I’ll probably forget!

  1. PeterH says:

    Hmm, that colour looks better than it sounds. Looks nice.

  2. Ross Burton says:

    Wow, that is green. Makes my orange bikes seem positively drab!

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