Gisburn Forest – the new ‘Hope’ Trail

Posted: September 8, 2011 in 2011, General, Videos
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I watched this little film with interest as work on the trails at Gisburn seem very similar to that done in Thetford Forest by Timber and the FC. Hand built trails constructed by a volunteer group combined with longer sections put together by professional contractors. The only difference seems to be one of gradient.

For those of you who don’t know what Timber is about, they were formed a handful of years ago, initially as a pressure group, to stop what was perceived as a program of trail destruction by the FC either by design or neglect. It didn’t take long to realise that this was a mistake, very little pressure was required, the FC didn’t envisage wholesale trail destruction, instead they welcomed volunteer input with open arms. After a few teething problems where rider aspirations had to be adapted to the reality of working with a large organisation, a partnership flourished. The introduction of a new Chairman and the gradual phasing out of the old committee saw Timber move onto bigger and better things. New vision, new energy and new ideas resulted in some major advances for Timber, plant was purchased for use in the forest and a systematic program of work was introduced. Timber are now a bigger and better organisation although they are small enough to be friendly and welcoming to newcomers. Apart from trail work there are regular rides and even a race presence though there are no full on, serious, racing snakes in the ranks.

All that is needed now is a film maker to make a short film such as the one seen above, a larger than life character such as Ed Oxley to do the introductions and Timber will be world famous!

If you are in Thetford Forest and enjoy the trail network, give a thought to the guys who turn up on frosty/wet/cold winter Saturdays to work on the trails. It only costs a fiver to join and even if you can’t give a hand with a shovel or rake, your contribution will have helped preserve the trails you are riding on.

Timber are sponsored by the FC, Hirebase, Revel Outdoors and Bike Art.


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