Ideal Weight

Posted: September 7, 2011 in 2011, General

How on earth do you find out what your ideal weight is? I’m not talking about normal life, I’m banging on about riding. Most of us reckon we could comfortably shift a few pounds to get fitter/stronger/quicker and this is beginning to exercise me. There is not a linear power/weight relationship in cycling and there must come a point when you have lost so much lard that your power is compromised. Forget subjective feelings such as “I feel fantastic/crap/ok etc” you have to be able to measure your effectiveness somehow.

The only reason I ask this is because if I am to even consider attempting the Etape Cymru next year, I’m going to have to lose some bulk. Climbing is not a quality normally associated with bigger riders, look at how sprinters are shelled out of the climbs on Grand Tours etc and how the skinny little mountain goats just fly uphill. Well, I am never going to be a natural climber, you don’t see many 6 foot 4 inch cyclists winning the King of the Mountains do you? I have sort of said to myself…’I’d need to lose about a stone if I am going to get up all those climbs’ but at best that is guesswork and trying to get down to 13 and a half stone is going to be tough. Even if I get there, will I find myself a weakling compared to what I am now?

I guess some detailed research is required but then there is the question of how my old bones react as opposed to some elite athlete in a lab.

  1. clemo says:

    You could take a leaf out of Big Mig’s book. Indurain weighed around 80kg (12 1/2 st) and was 6’2″ – and he could hang in there on the mountains.
    IMHO (and somewhat limited experience) measuring effectiveness – for this event – a 25-50 mile TT. Use your HRM for pacing on a steady heart rate to stay aerobic yet breathing hard.
    FWIW I’ve been doing 10 mile TT tests for my MTB endevours – although I only have RPE to set my pacing.
    Good luck.

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