What a pain in the ar…!

Posted: September 6, 2011 in 2011, General

Pain in the arm! On Saturday morning I woke up with a stiff neck from sleeping awkwardly, it didn’t get much better through the day and Sunday was, of course, a long ride day on rigid forks! Yesterday the pain continued so I thought I’d do some swimming as a recovery program…sort of stretch myself out, free up the muscle groups kind of recovery. I was pushed for time so only managed to fit 50 lengths in. I was fine in the water, plenty of power, no stiffness with only the very occasional ache. When I got out the pain was immense, like someone was pushing a stick under my shoulder blade. I can still feel it now, it hurts when I breathe deeply and has sort of spread up into my neck, my arm hurts if I move it too fast. There is a knot of muscles all screaming out right now, I am keeping the area warm in the hope that it will calm down. I guess it is a day of doing sweet Felicity Arkwright then. My new frame might arrive today in which case I’ll have something to take my mind off the soreness.

Oh the joys of keeping fit! 🙂


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