Endura Arm Warmers – review

Posted: September 1, 2011 in 2011, Product Reviews

I bought a pair some weeks ago as a replacement for my missing Orbea arm warmers. They remained unused until last week when I had cause to use them twice (so much for the British summer eh!)

The pair I own are ‘Large’. While I am neither an Orang Utan nor a knuckle dragger, my arms can hardly be described as short. When I put these on, they stretched right up into my armpits and over the top of my shoulder. Had I tried to wear them any lower and they’d have been masquerading as ladies’s, long, evening gloves! First off then…beware of sizing.

The blurb that came attached to the garments made all sorts of claims about grippers, here, there and everywhere. Once again, while I am no Hulk, my arms are not really the same as a T Rex’s. My point? They were hard to keep up. The grippers….didn’t, and they were a little generous in their cut. In the end I had to fiddle about with them all the time to keep them up and prevent them being the arm version of Norah Batty’s stockings!

They were plenty warm enough but there again it is hardly winter yet! I’m going to defer passing judgement until the autumnal chill really descends upon us.

To conclude – they seemed to be mid priced…around the £20 mark, are a bit (lot) on the long side, they don’t stay up very well and they kept my arms warm on a couple of ‘summer’ rides. Draw your own conclusions but in my opinion, they are nowhere near as good as my (much missed) Orbea arm warmers.

For muscle bound knuckle draggers only 🙂


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