A ‘Gentle’ evening ride

Posted: August 31, 2011 in 2011, General

‘Gentle Ride’ by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Work finished, I was in a rush to get on my bike. After so many days of so little riding I was anxious to discover whether I had lost my edge. As the Tour of the Cornfields is looming on the horizon this is something I really need to know. OK it would be too late if it had all gone to pot but at least I would have had reasonable expectations.

A cheery wave to my long suffering wife, along with an assurance that I wasn’t going to push it and I would only be gone a little while and I was off. First impressions were nothing to do with my legs, just a feeling that my position was wrong. Ultimately, I think it was because I was expecting to be riding my CX bike, nothing more. The flyover was despatched without a second thought and the gentle climb up to Risby Church didn’t even cause a break in cadence. Speed was good, heart rate felt low, effort levels were positively subterranean I might be in for a good ride. As soon as I hit the first off road section at The Drift in Fornham I knew I was in for a useful session… and so it continued. The first hour passed with an average speed of 17.25mph but it is the second half of the ride that would surely slow me down. Far more off road stuff, bumpy, stony trails and sand sections which sap every ounce of energy. Well they did slow me down but not that much and I was able to push hard the whole ride, sprinting out of every corner, attacking every rise and loving every second of it. At 25 miles in I had to take a break, I had dropped my bottle. I took stock, gulped some water and hit the last section of the ride; still feeling good I got to Lackford Lane where the effort made thus far was just beginning to tell. My speed dropped to about 13 mph or so but once on the tarmac I was able to pick up speed once again and had to force myself to spin down for the last mile.

A tad over 35 miles at 15.7mph, not bad for a gentle, solo ride. The trouble is, I turned into a human furnace and was too hot to sleep until about 3.00am.

Tune of the ride:


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