Stif – the new CRC?

Posted: August 30, 2011 in 2011, General

You may recall my search for Stan’s Crest rims? I searched high and low (locally) for a supplier and even had a very generous offer from one of this blog’s readers, to source them in the States for me. In the end, after an internet search and a few ‘phone calls I mamanged to locate some at Stif Cycles. They had what I wanted, the price was pretty much what I expected, so I placed the order very late in the afternoon. Keen to ensure I was getting what I wanted, the whole thing was done on the ‘phone (bike shops seem to be quite slow to update their websites so ask before you buy), I gave the normal details and promptly put the whole thing to the back of my mind. Next morning, the postie knocked at the door clutching a very large cardboard ‘envelope’. Within were my rims!

So, I was very impressed and for this splendid piece of service I am giving them a half pint of beer award: half pint of beer

For retailers the full pint goes for repeated excellence over and above the call of duty, the half pint as recognition of impressive, one off, acts of brilliance.

  1. Ross Burton says:

    Agreed, I bought my Superlight from Stif and their service was really good.

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