Holidays over – back to normal now

Posted: August 30, 2011 in 2011, General Ramblings

Last week I was on holiday, the plan being to fit riding in around the myriad of other chores that take over your life when significant house alterations are taking place. As you wil have spotted by the absence of posts, riding took a back seat…so far back as to be almost over the horizon. Swimming went the same way but the time was not spent without any exercise. I must have walked miles around bathroom showrooms, carpet departments, curtain departments/shops, Ikea you name the shop, I have probably been there. This weekend when riding was a foregone conclusion, I ended up gardening, chopping, hacking, cutting and lugging massively overgrown shrubs etc. Whatever I was doing, I certainly ended up feeling knackered by the end of each day.

Next Sunday is the Tour of the Cornfields so I hope I have the legs for it.

Meanwhile, bits have been arriving for my new build, so more about that later. Next on the agenda is to tackle the mountain of post and hundreds of emails that have arrived in the last week.


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