WSW Wednesday Ride

Posted: August 24, 2011 in 2011, Rides

As I’m officially ‘on holiday’ I took the opportunity to get out for a ride with the West Suffolk Wheelers on what was once the ‘biffers ride’. The original idea was a gentle outing for the retired members, a cup of tea and some cake then home for lunch. Unable to resist the lure of a mid week ride, it has grown in popularity and while most people are shall we say ‘older’, it is not such a gentle little spin as once it was. Needless to say, the pace is steady and generally agreeable.

The forecast was good, generally dry, warming up as the morning went on becoming positively warm in the afternoon. So, I set off on a cool morning and within five minutes it had started to spit with rain. By the time I hit Thurston (the meeting point) it was threatening to become properly wet. 19 riders set off and the rain kicked in; never heavy, it was enough to make you pretty wet and for plenty of spray to be thrown up from riders in front.

Once again, we headed out into the wilds of Suffolk, ending up not far from Ipswich over rolling terrain. No massive climbs but some steep and long enough to have you out of the saddle and puffing by the top. Semer hill was bypassed (hurray!) and the tea stop taken nearby. Four of us carried straight on without stopping. In theory the mixed nature of the group suggested the pace would be steady but I had not allowed for the competitive nature of Steve Newman and another guy who wound the pace up si I was working hard in no time. We were then joined by another maniac roadie and the pace picked up again. I was being shelled out the back, getting back on (when they eased up) and then getting dropped again when they sped up. All good training but by the time we hit Bury I was close to blowing. The mini group had fragmented by now and there were only two of us left to head out to the West of town. I got home ok and drowned myself in three large mugs of tea before showering and heading downstairs for lunch…and more tea!

I finished with just over 57 miles on the clock. I can’t get the link to Garmin Connect to work but I’ll have a go later, or simply Tweet it.

Tune of the ride:


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