Sunday Ride

Posted: August 21, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Untitled by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Alone again (this is getting to be a bit too common for my liking!) I hit the road on a warmish morning. Little to no wind and dry. I was in two minds about where to ride today but on a whim I decided to give the National Trust route a bash (at least to start). Hooray…. one of my favourite climbs had made it in to their ‘summer cycle route’ along with what we used to think of as ‘cheeky trails’. It was quiet with few people out although I bumped into one couple coming down the climb as I was going up.

The normal Horringer blast through to Whepstead, Pinford End and back into Bury passed without incident. I was concentrating on tapping out the miles, conscious that the Tour of the Cornfield is getting closer and I have let my riding slip over the last couple of weeks. And so it went on, familiar ground covered, and the miles ticked by. I hit the forest and decided to take a food break. A bite of Torq bar later and I was off again; the middle of the forest, alone, hot and sweaty is no place to be. Within a minute or so, every fly and biting thing in miles was making for me. Once on the move they couldn’t hang on my wheel and I dropped them!

By the time I hit the orange road, leading to the Bury/Brandon road, I was getting a bit tired. More food and a drink…. I was well into my last bottle and it was getting warmer. At least I was on the home stretch and as I was chewing I watched a buzzard flying over me, maybe 30 foot above me. Then I must have hit a Green Woodpecker convention as they were everywhere. Soon the forest was left behind and I was on Lackford Lane. For some reason it turned out to be full of runners, one of whom was doing a remarkable impression of Mr Blobby – he was pretty large and fat was wobbling everywhere. “Good for you mate’, keep it up and the blubber will disappear! After weaving through all these runners I hit Risby and guess what….more runners! It wasn’t a race, people seemed to be out for recreational runs while some were obviously training. The one thing I noticed was the look of pain, almost abject agony on some people’s faces….hope I don’t look like that.

Anyway, home, cold orange juice followed by a big mug of tea, shower and soon to lunch.

Tune of the ride was provided by the Vega Monster so I won’t post it up!

Swimming – for those interested. Six sessions in and I did a comfortable 50 lengths yesterday in about 15 minutes. 1,250 metres in total. The time was awful but as far as I see it, it is not that relevant. I have got several months to go before I have to make up my mind about the Great East Swim. I need to it the mile first then I’ll start working on strength and speed.


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