New Danny Macaskill Video

Posted: August 16, 2011 in 2011, Videos

Saw this on Concrete Circus last night. Excellent programme. The colours on this video are stunning, not to mention the way DM wows us with his bike skills…once again!

I have watched this a few times now and while DM is a truly awesome bike rider, the more times I watch, the more I think his riding is almost secondary to the quality of the film. Different angles, interesting shots, thoughtful editing and wonderful light – they all grow on you. Most of all, I have got to come back to the colours. The location was obviously a challenging playground but the background palette really added impact to the film. The juxtaposition of browns, oranges and so many different shades of green were like some sort of visual candy fest. As a piece of film making this is pretty special, as a display of bike skills it is up to DM’s usual standards (stellar). As with all the guys featured on the Concrete Circus, they are probably going to suffer when they get old (arthritis etc) but the commitment to their milieu, the fluidity of their movement is breath taking. Part of me says ‘if only I were that young again’ but somewhere, not too far under the surface, a little voice reminds me that I probably wouldn’t have had the balls to do it even if I could turn back the clock.


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