Sunday – 40 mile loop

Posted: August 14, 2011 in 2011, Rides

40 mile loop by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Out with my friend William no- Friends again, this was a gentle ride to ease myself back after a week off. Why I had a week off I don’t know, but one way or another I didn’t get on a bike at all. The only exercise was swimming and that was one brief (but intense 20 minute session yesterday).

I started off in a mild and calm morning, not warm but balmy enough for short sleeves and shorts. When it made an appearance, the wind was all over the place in both strength and direction.

I rattled off the first part of the ride and realised that I had only been out for about an hour or so. A quick bit of mental geography and I was able to put together a route that would stretch the ride out a bit and give me a bit of a workout at the same time.

Conditions were ideal underfoot(wheel) although one of the fast bits of singletrack was a little loose. I gave it hell, pushing myself and the bike to its’ limits. I had just engaged a bigger gear and stamped down hard when I hit a little bend I had forgotten about, the front wheel slid and I would have been off had I not taken evasive action and ridden into a bunch of chest high nettles – OUCH! Having said that, this short bit of track is grin inducing at high speed and I was a little disappointed when it finished and I had to climb back up to the fire road for the next section of tarmac.

As with all rides, it soon came to an end and I was facing Mere Lane with a headwind. Mere Lane, like all the climbs round here, is not significant, it does not feature on any list of must do climbs. A typical Suffolk climb, it drags upwards and looks benign but it is never ‘easy’ and add in a headwind and it can be positively horrible. Well, the wind kicked in when I hit the bottom, I was at the end of the ride and I prepared to suffer. Only I didn’t; I kept up a good pace and was able to push hard all the way to the top. Apart from a little lower back pain today, I was in good form.

A lot of this new found speed is quite unequivocally, down to the bike. We proved it last week when I struggled al morning on the Superlight. Well, the Superlight has gone, dismantled, sold and all I have left is a tatty looking frame. I’ll probably buy a second hand rear shock, hook it up and sell very cheaply. I have only one mountain bike now…. the Swift. To any taller riders looking for a fine machine with clown wheels, I can’t recommend this enough.

Tune of the ride:



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