Just can’t get off the horns of this particular dilemma.

Posted: August 11, 2011 in 2011, General Ramblings

I have punctuated the following to make it easier to read but imagine it is running through your head at 90mph without a break, no commas, no semi colons, no full stops, with one thread smoothly merging with another, round and round like something from Dante’s Inferno or that stream of consciousness bit in Ulysses… the bit before I gnawed my hands off with boredom.

My road bike has gone, I am trying to dispose of my Superlight (piecemeal) and have a new machine in my sights. But…. and here’s the thing…. part of me (probably the old roadie part) is gnawing away inside undermining my plan. ‘What if…’ – what if I can’t raise enough money to buy the new dream machine? Should I compromise and downgrade from a plastic fantastic frame to an aluminium one? The complete aluminium bikes have got rubbish forks and I want to get the best I possibly can. In the case it means Rebas with a bolt through axle. I could always compromise with the superb looking On One carbon race fork. If I get the ally frame will I always see it as a compromise which I regret buying? Will the carbon frame be as good as I hope (no chance of finding a demo ride in my size) or will I regret it? Would building it up out of old parts be a pants idea? If yes, this brings me back to the complete bike idea again. On the other hand, there’s always the Swift. Maybe I could simply get another Swift frame and build it up with the coolest kit I can afford, converting the one I already have to a single speed. I know the Singular team are very successful on their steel bikes and Lord knows, mine is pretty damn quick now. Getting a second Swift (even a blinged out one) might be a bit silly. I could get a Swift now and the others will not be available until maybe October. Waiting ’til October will give me plenty of time to sell the parts from the Superlight but aaargh…. can I make myself wait that long?

Anyway, these are the thoughts occupying my mind and I have a feeling that it is going to be a constant bother until I hand over the cash but then it will just be all about buying new parts to upgrade the new bike…new bars, new saddle (probably) bar ends, new tyres (must have Racing Ralphs) the list goes on and on. Whether the upgrades ever happen is a moot point, the theme will run through my head.

Maybe I should take up tiddlywinks, it would be a hell of a lot easier and cheaper! 🙂

  1. clemo says:

    Okay. You have some room in your stable. Put everything to one side and think, “What do I want to fill that space? What does it look like? What does it ride like?”
    If you are looking at a carbon frame but can’t afford it yet then wait! it’s not like you’re short of bikes to ride 🙂
    Clarify the vision and make the pieces fit – not the other way round. I’m sure you’ll be happier with the outcome.

  2. slowjo61 says:

    Yes… a pretty sensible approach. :O) Must keep calm and keep the vision in focus! I’ve only got 3 bikes now…..the shed is almost empty.

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