Sunday Ride

Posted: August 8, 2011 in 2011, Rides

BCP and back by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Rich and I agreed to hook up for a longer ride, another BCP and back jaunt. We were under a little (but not severe) time pressure so we know we had to crack on. One impediment to our cause was my choice of bike. As the Swift has seen me off the front so much recently, I thought it would be time to dispel the thoughts that I am experiencing a sudden surge of uber fitness and I chose to ride the Superlight. A tweak to saddle height within 50 yards set the tone for the day as I struggled to find a decent riding position. Even on the road I found it harder to ride than the 29er but I persevered. When I met Rich I had been benefitting from a tail wind, and had got a bit ahead of myself…net result, about turn back into the breeze. 😦

The ride out to FR12 was without incident, we kept up a reasonable pace but I was having to work really hard, so much so that I called for a halt to check whether the brakes were rubbing. 10 seconds later, both wheels spinning happily without hinderance, that theory was blown out of the window. On reaching FR12 I had had enough. Next plan was to lower the handlebars by a couple of spacers. This met with an immediate improvement but it wasn’t perfect. On the Swift there are one or two gears that are well nigh perfect, the bike cruises well and sprints well in these gears – on the SL I just couldn’t find the same gear (effect). Frustrating…. just a lot!

The breeze kept up on the way home, the sun was warm and we were consuming fluids by the gallon (or so it seemed). By the Orange Hill I was beginning to feel washed out and as we got to Lackford Lane I hauled up the white flag. I waved goodbye to Rich and said I’d meet him at the top. What a difference to Thursday! I got home and collapsed in a soggy heap, slurping tea until I felt re-energised.

The SL will definitely be broken up and sold now, I just can’t get on with small wheels any more.

Bright point of the ride was meeting up with Ady in the BCP car park.

Tune of the ride:

  1. ady says:

    Hi john

    Nice to catch up yesterday with richard and you and have decided to ride a bit more so maybe able to keep up with you all as would be good to get out night riding again in the winter.
    If you are breaking the sl i would be intrested in the wheels if they are 6 bolt rotor type

    • slowjo61 says:

      Hi Ady

      yes they are 6 bolt. Hope Pro 2 on Stans rims, new RR set up tubeless. Waiting for confirmation that my frame is sold. Wheels are very little used.

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