2012 Orbea Bikes

Posted: July 29, 2011 in 2011, New Products

I have just had a sneak peak at the new range of Orbea bikes. There isn’t much to say really except they are all totally droolworthy (sic). No photos I am afraid as I didn’t have a camera or mobile with me.

The Alma carbon 29er, dressed in XTR is as light as a feather and the colour scheme is just so cool. It is a sort of dull carbon grey with details picked out in what to my eyes looked like a lemon yellow. Very distinctive and very nice. The aluminium version sort of followed the same general concept but really didn’t look as refined. The frame shape is the same as the 2010 models, with the strangely kinked top tube. All the reports I have heard about the big wheeled mtbs has been good as fitter, faster guys than I have raced them with increased success. I am a 29er convert now and my last 26inch wheeled bike will soon be being broken up and sold.

The new TT bike was a thing of beauty, complete with electronic shifters it sort of oozes pure speed. A white carbon frame and some very sharp tube profiles just seemed to look the part.The seat tube was an interesting shape, recessed along its length to accommodate the rear wheel and then there was some very interesting stuff going on up the top. Aerodynamic really isn’t the word for it and the Zipp Wheels too… Did I mention it was light? Expensive? Yes. You won’t get a bundle of change from £9,000 or so I was told.

The new Cross bike was lighter than my road bike. I didn’t get too much of a chance to look at it, my eyes were darting all over the place like a kid in a toy shop with half a crown burning a hole in his pocket! This too was impressively light and while prices are all tbc I think you will be looking at £2.5k though I could well be wrong.

Finally, the carbon road bikes. The euskadi euskaltel replica machine was replete in Dura Ace components. The Orange details aside it was a triumph of understatement. Without pedals it tipped the scales at 15.5lbs which is light in anyone’s book. No wonder these guys climb hills so well. There will be a range of carbon road bikes – bronze, silver and gold. The bronze machine was a muted, stealth grey. The one I saw had an Ultegra groupset. I couldn’t make out who made the wheels. I really liked the design of the seat stays which seems to be common on all the bikes in the range. They are very narrow, running almost parallel from the top of the seat tube down to the last quarter where they bow outwards and round to accommodate the rear hub and block. I think the ‘bronze’ bike comes in at about £1,800 and the eusaki euskatel bike nearer £7,000.

If you are a bike tart then these will get you salivating. All I need to do now is get some time in the saddle.

You can get your Orbea bikes here…..

  1. slowjo61 says:

    I got a series of pictures of the new range on their way back to Spain but to be honest, they (the pictures) were absolutely awful and apart from spotting the subjects were vaguely bike shaped, you would be unable to tell much else. Sorry about that!

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