This weekend’s riding

Posted: July 25, 2011 in General, Rides

A fuller weekend than usual, all of it ridden in Billy No Mates mode.

Saturday morning was fairly pleasant, and despite a few beers the night before, I felt pretty good. Heading out to the shed I had no plans of where to ride except I wanted to do nearer 3 hours than 2. A moment of indecision and I grabbed the crosser as a plan formed in my mind. To make up for a week off the bike I selected a route which would give me about 5 miles in which to warm up. Warm up over I headed up through the Kings Forest (via some recently discovered singletrack) and up to the lights at Elveden where I sat for an absolute age. Lights dealt with I dived in around FR7 to do the ‘washing machine’ and then rode singletrack most of the way to Mayday Meadow. Crossing the road and rolling down to the bird hide car park I headed off to the start/finish of the recent MSG Enduro. The track was quite fun but I learned a valuable lesson (again)… cross bikes do not grip as well on the front wheel; if you throw yourself and the bike into a corner, make sure your weight is well back. I washed out but stayed upright so that was ok. Up and across the 4 bridges trail saw me at BCP where I refilled my bottles and had five minutes break. I headed back home via the best singletrack that BCP has to offer and then back to those dratted lights! The good news though was that a stiff wind had sprung up and it gave me a boost on the homeward leg. I headed home the normal way, via fire roads in the Kings Forest and up Lackford Lane. A warm down from the flyover saw me clock up about 43 miles in 3 hours. Not great time but there was a lot of singletrack involved and fun as it may be, it does wreak havoc with your times.

Tune of the ride:

Sunday was a fine day, a bit breezy but ace for riding. No hesitation, I grabbed the Swift and pointed its nose over the field behind me and off for a hilly start. Down into Ickworth Park (membership card in my pocket) and out into Horringer, down Sharpe’s Lane, Whepstead, Pinford End and looping back via every climb I could find. The initial stiffness in my legs passed within the first few miles and I found myself keeping up a good tempo. Nowton and Rushbrook behind me I headed into Moreton Hall and over the old Cattishall Crossing to the back end of Gt Barton. Fornham came and went as did Timworth and Ingham, all the while the same pace was being tapped out in a metronomic fashion. I stopped at Culford School to enquire about the sports facilities then it was straight back into the forest for a long loop and home. This time I managed just over 40 miles at a better average speed than Saturday. My legs were a little tired when I got home and my back was a trifle sore otherwise all was well. Just over 80 miles clocked up in the two days and I still felt ready to go out again. I cut the grass instead!

Tune of the ride:

Ride file when I get round to it!


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