Singletrack Mag… may damage your wealth

Posted: July 16, 2011 in 2011, General

Browsing the current issue I happened across the review of the Cannondale Flash Hi Mod 29er. Now I am not a fan of ‘snap and fail’ but this looks very, very nice. The only thing I’d have a problem with is the Lefty Fork, they always look a bit weird…. no… a LOT weird. I have always thought that my Swift rides a little like a short travel susser in the way it rolls over stuff, surely with a bit of squish up front it would be even better. Now a well balanced speed machine sort of appeals to my taste and let’s say, the Swift has given me a new appetite. I am really getting to grips with the way the Swift rides and I love it; how much better would something like this be? It could even tempt me back into putting a number on my shirt – long distance stuff only mind. What is the warranty position on carbon ‘Dales? Does anyone know?

Meanwhile the Orbea range of carbon 29ers look pretty cool too. Lifetime warranty…hmmm, ride like Johnny Mac and I’ll be getting a new frame every two years!


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