Thursday Ride – tempting fate!

Posted: July 15, 2011 in 2011, Rides




Round Bury by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.

After rashly congratulating myself on the depth of my mental jukebox and my new found ability to keep the Suzanne Vega monster out during rides, she came back last night and proved remarkably resilient. I tried to change tracks to something else but all there was to replace her was Leo Sayer! In a state of shock and after breaking out into a cold sweat at the thought of some idiot in a pierrot suit capering round my sub conscious, I allowed Ms Vega back into my skull. I am going in for a brain reformat soon and I’ll reload the data without Leo Sayer. For this reason, there will be no tune of the ride this time.

A last minute check with Richard and we agreed to meet half way up Mere Lane and go for a blatt round Bury. Mike was there too so when I bumped into them, it was a case of about turn and ride almost all the way back home before hitting the trails. Perfect conditions, perfect trails… we had a combination of road and off road, flat and hilly, fast and balls out fast. We were obviously feeling good as we sprinted for every prime and Mike even sprinted for some that weren’t there! Climbs were attacked with gusto and one of us pushed himself too far into the red zone on one of them and blew before the top (no prizes for guessing who that was then!). Richard kept suggesting extra loops and was met with agreement every time  and instead of slowing down we attacked again and again. Suffice to say I felt very strong last night, my only problem was running out of gears once or twice. The Swift just flew and continued to show off its strengths on lumpy and soft terrain; it also got up to speed quickly ad once there, hung onto it all the time. 🙂

Lackford Lane saw me falter near the end, I just couldn’t keep up with Richard and Mike who cleaned it in 5 mins 45 seconds; I managed 6 minutes 10 seconds. I’ not sure if that is a good time for me, I’ll have to check. Anyway, we split up at Risby and headed to our respective homes. I attacked the flyover, hitting the top in top gear, out of the saddle and pushing hard. A warm down followed and I rolled into the drive warm, sweaty and exhausted. Later, after I had showered, I realised just how tired I was.

All in all an excellent ride of 37.5 miles at an average of 16.1 mph.



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