Saturday Ride

Posted: July 9, 2011 in 2011, Rides

These Saturday morning rides seem to becoming more frequent which is a good omen. The plan for this morning was to head out to Thetford Forest, catch a glimpse of the MSG summer enduro and head home.

I grabbed the crosser as there was a stiff wind and I wanted all the help I could get when heading back home (into the wind) = a mountain bike would have been too much like hard work into the wind on the road sections. A 10 mile warm up saw me close to hitting the road at last after a brief sojourn in Kings Forest. Unwilling to pick up the pace significantly and happy to potter along, I soon found myself passed by another rider; that was it. The red mist descended and I clicked up a couple of gears and got on his wheel. By the time I was recovered from the effort we were at the lights; he was surprised to see me by his side as he thought he’d dropped me! After a pleasant chat I left him at Center Parcs where he was rejoining his family. Meanwhile I couldn’t resist the lure of singletrack and dived in at FR7 where I discovered that the brake pad compound I am using on JTS is pants. I knew the brakes were not brilliant but today they simply failed to stop me or even slow me down much. Looks like a trip to Revells then!

Some exciting riding was followed by me drifting into the race car park where I planned to join up with some of my mates. I bumped into Moe from Timber who was with his team mate Anita, preparing for the 10 hour mixed pairs. Anita was a novice (I think), so she has a bit of a shock coming!

Mike and Deborah were the first familiar faces and they were followed by Chris and Anna. As they have moved away it was good to catch up. We were quickly joined by Richard ‘hobbit’ Muchmore fresh from Alpe D’Huez, Col de Telegraphe and iirc Col de Madeleine, luckily for everyone else, there wasn’t much climbing in this race. Anyway, moving off to the start Richard and Chris were preparing for 10 hour rides, Richard as a pair and as usual, Chris solo.

Also ran into Kurt (the 29er guru), Roger, Alan and the Revel Outdoors guys. After a series of chats I headed off home, into the wind. To be honest, there was enough shelter to let me keep up a decent pace and I got home quite comfortably. Just over 36 miles on and off road was good work, I guess I’ll take the road bike out tomorrow.

Tune of the ride – the editing is crap but this was the song in my head.

Ride file

  1. Moe says:

    Thanks for the Congratulations John (later blog post) it was good to see you there and thank you for your advice on nutrition etc in the run up, it was a real buzz being on the podium made all the more exciting by the large crowd sill there for the presentations! Anita was a novice as far as pure Mtb racing is concerned but she is a very experienced triathlete. In the event she out performed me by a minute or more on every lap but I’ll claim some credit for improving her confidence on the singletrack over the last few months! 😉 . Overall we ran very well as a team and good pit management made it all the more enjoyable for both of us. Although it became quickly obvious that we were no immediate threat to 2nd place neither of us ever gave up and were giving 100% for the full 10+hrs.

    Anita really enjoyed the experience and was on the phone Sunday evening already planning D2D!

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